Isabel, professional bellydancer

A belly dance show is a traditional part of celebrations throughout the Middle East. Add something exciting and memorable to your next special event! Whether it's a wedding, birthday party, educational or corporate function, I look forward to working with you to tailor a show specifically to your interests and your audience. Props including veil, assaya (cane), sword and candle tray bring added drama and excitement to the show. Get your guests involved by adding a belly dance lesson to the program, or ask about options for group performances, live music or a traditional Zeffa wedding procession. My shows are suitable for all ages. Conservative costume options are available upon request. No fraternity or bachelor party requests, please.

Contact Info
Phone: 504.756.4076

My rates are competitive with those of other in-demand professional entertainers in the Baltimore area. Pricing for your event will depend on several factors including the location, length and type of performance and any special requests you may have. Please get in touch to plan a spectacular professional show that fits your event and your budget.

Remember, a belly dancer will make a big impression on your guests, for better or for worse, so make sure you invest every bit as much care into choosing a dancer as you would in planning a menu, decorating, or hiring a DJ or photographer. A wide range of belly dancers are available at varying levels of skill and professionalism, for a range of prices. In general, it's safe to say that when hiring a belly dancer, you get what you pay for. For more information and guidance on choosing a belly dancer, check out A Connoisseur's Guide to Hiring a Belly Dancer by Carrara Nour.

Musicians & Live Music
I have extensive experience performing with live bands, to music ranging from traditional Arabic and Turkish to vintage belly dance rock (yup, that's a real thing!) Musicians, enhance the atmosphere at your next gig and engage your audience on a higher level with a live belly dance show. Looking to hire a dancer and live musicians for your special event? I have a great working relationship with many of the area's best Middle Eastern bands and musicians and would be happy to assemble a dream team of performance artists for you. Preview a few of my favorites here.

Isabel, professional bellydancer, wedding
Isabel, professional bellydancer, gallery opening
Isabel, professional bellydancer, Smithsonian, Freer Gallery, Asia After Dark, Barakaat