Train the body, dance from the heart! Whether you're an aspiring performer, a cultural enthusiast or just in search of a fun, sexy workout, there's a place for you in my classes. Performance opportunities will be offered, but participation is never required.

I've completed comprehensive teacher training programs with Sahara Dance and master teacher Artemis Mourat, and I'm certified in levels 1 and 2 of Sahra Saeeda's Journey Through Egypt dance ethnology program. My teaching style is patient and positive with an emphasis on clean technique, musicality, cultural insight and self-expression. I bring my experience with yoga into the dance studio to help students develop strength, flexibility and control, along with a a joyful appreciation of the human body and all it can do.

group classes

Sanctuary Bodyworks | 710 S. Ann St., 2nd Floor, Baltimore, MD
Study the transformative art of belly dance in a gorgeous studio setting in historic Fells Point, Baltimore.

Belly Dance Groove | Monday, 7:30 – 8:20 pm
Burn calories and develop strength, coordination and grace as you master the fundamentals of belly dance. We’ll break down the basic movements, then drill them with simple combinations and lots of repetition, to sultry beats from the Middle East and around the world. The ideal introduction for beginners and those looking for a fun dance workout, this practice is also vital for more advanced students to maintain peak fitness and sharp technique.

Belly Dance Artistry | Monday, 8:20 – 9:15 pm
Designed as a complement to Belly Dance Groove, this class is for students at the low intermediate level and above. We’ll work with more complex movements and layering, and develop musicality, cultural awareness and choreographic and improvisational skills. Ideal for current and aspiring performers, and those interested in developing a deeper appreciation for this complex and beautiful art form. Instructor approval, and participation in Belly Dance Groove, is required.

Single class $16 | 5-class card $65 | 10-class card $110
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perinatal belly dance fitness

Fundamental belly dance movements have been used for centuries to help ease the discomforts of pregnancy, prepare mom and baby for a healthy delivery, reduce pain during labor, and accelerate healing and recovery after birth. While pregnant with my first child, I developed a special curriculum to help women enhance the childbearing experience through the ancient art of belly dance. It incorporates conditioning exercises, fun and easy dance routines, and gentle stretching. Special emphasis is given to strengthening the pelvic floor and core muscles. All movements are geared towards minimizing diastasis recti, a separation of the abdominal muscles that commonly occurs during pregnancy, which can leave women with a lasting tummy bulge and greater vulnerability to injury if abdominal muscles are exercised incorrectly. The movements in this class are designed to be gentle, safe and beneficial for women who are experiencing or recovering from a normal, healthy pregnancy, and have been cleared by their health care providers for light to moderate exercise. Those who are planning to conceive are welcome as well. This curriculum is now available through private instruction, special events and workshops. Contact Isabel to book your Perinatal Belly Dance session at Sanctuary Bodyworks, or on location.

Sanctuary Bodyworks
710 S. Ann St., 2nd Floor, Baltimore, MD

Sanctuary Bodyworks
710 S. Ann St., 2nd Floor, Baltimore, MD
Full session (4 60-minute classes) $75
Drop-ins $25

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raqset al asra student performance group

Members of Raqset Al Asra engage in an in-depth study of group choreography, solo development and performance skills. Students learn group choreography developed by me, and receive coaching on solo and collaborative works of their own creation. Each session culminates in a performance at a local show or special event. Open to students at the advanced beginner level and above, by invitation. The option to perform is dependent on each student's level of participation in the corresponding class session, and sufficient practice outside of class to learn the material. The group performs 3-6 times per year, but there's no pressure to participate in performances until you're ready. Concurrent enrollment in my weekly technique classes is encouraged.

To join or for more information, please contact me.

rising tigress belly dance club

This group is open to current students of Towson University. During the fall semester, we focus on belly dance technique and fundamental skills for putting moves to music. During the spring semester, students learn group choreography and have the option to work on solo and collaborative numbers of their own creation. The spring semester culminates in a dance showcase produced by Rising Tigress at Towson University, featuring club members, alumni and special guests. Additional performance opportunities exist throughout the year, and all are optional.

Visit Rising Tigress on Facebook or contact me for details.

private study

Take some time just for you! One-on-one lessons help students of all levels advance much more quickly and focus on their individual goals. Private performance coaching is offered to help more advanced students mature as performers, develop choreographic and improvisational dance skills, and prepare pieces of their own creation. Private lessons are offered at Sanctuary Bodyworks, and are sold individually or in discounted packages of 4, 8 or 12 lessons. For private lessons at your home or other location, please contact me directly. (Additional charges may apply based on location.)

Sanctuary Bodyworks
710 S. Ann St., 2nd Floor, Baltimore, MD

Purchase private lessons at Sanctuary Bodyworks here.

To schedule your private session(s), please contact me directly.

party packages

Add some shimmy and sparkle to your next party or special event. Great for birthdays, children's parties, bachelorettes or showers. We'll use upbeat, fun music and dance activities suitable for all ages and abilities. Party lessons include hip scarves for up to 20 students to wear during the lesson, time for pictures afterwards, and a certificate for a free group class or discounted private lesson. Timing is flexible, but 20 - 45 minutes is usually the ideal length for a party lesson.

Contact Isabel for a quote. Ask about discounts when combined with a show.


A belly dance workshop makes a great addition to the curriculum at dance camps, festivals and cultural events. I offer workshops on a wide range of topics, and can tailor the material to suit your event and your students. Rates are dependent upon the location, length and expected number of participants.

Contact me for options and pricing. Ask about discounts when combined with a performance.

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